Episode 2: The Ruiner.


During the yesteryears when grunge rock took centre stage in the lives of adolescent teens; when going online means praying not to receive phone calls; when Daytona ruled the arcade; Japan gave birth to the golden age of Honda. This era produced some of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen — lightweight track weapons that punch above their weight, with simple yet endearing design that withstood the test of time.

This 6th generation Honda Civic EK4 SIR Sedan is one such car. She cruises around the bright city lights with fiery intent, beckoning all to come close, much like a siren to the sailors. A sleeper in every sense of the word, she trades a small fraction of performance for daily functionality, but her smooth runs mesmerises the ignorant. Make no mistake — a tap on the accelerator and her B-Series VTEC scream pierces through the unrelentless night. That’s when the foolish will get to experience raw, unadulterated power, leaving them in the cold.

She may not be the popular one among her hatchback sisters, but she has earned her legendary status, fair and square.

This, truly, is one savage ruiner.

And then, the deal breaker shows up.



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