Episode 74-81: M for Speed

MFS – M for Speed Trailer

We are excited to reveal our months-long project with BMW M Club of Singapore.  M for Speed, inspired by Need for Speed.

It was a typical Saturday night in Singapore when the sound of roaring engines filled the air. A group of street racers had gathered on the outskirts of the city, revving their engines and preparing for a night of hard racing. But this was no ordinary group of street racers; These were the operators of BMW machines that possess the most power letter in the world: M.

Their latest challenge was to race through eight different circuits, each one unique, but every one equally exciting.


EP.1 Mandai Loop

The first was the Mandai Loop circuit, a dangerous track due to the dampness of the tarmac from the lush greenery lining the sides and perpetual cold, wet air . But the operators were experienced; traction and skill dominated the track.


EP.2 Changi Street Circuit

As each circuit completes, a new one unlocks, and with that, comes along a new set of operators. These speed monsters moved on to the Changi Coastal Street Circuit, with long straightaways and sweeping curves that demanded precision driving. The operators pushed hard; their tires screeching as they slid around corners and raced towards the finish line.


EP.3 Orchard Gudang

Orchard Gudang was a different kind of challenge, a winding track through the scent of luxury and bright LED lights illuminated the famous shopping belt of Singapore that demanded precision driving. The BMW M cars tore through the streets, their engines screaming as they battled for the lead.


EP.4 Stadium Loop

Stadium Loop was a technical course with hairpin turns and, at times, narrow lanes. The drivers had to be extremely skilled to navigate the track without incidents, but, once again, these operators were more than up to the challenge.


EP.5 Marina Bay Loop

Marina Bay Loop was a unique course that took the drivers through an underground tunnel beneath the city. The drivers had to be careful not to lose control on the slick concrete, but they raced through the tunnel with incredible speed and precision.


EP.6 Greater Southern Loop

The Greater Southern Loop circuit was next; a high-speed course accompanied by the sights of the city’s port. The drivers had to contend with not only the other racers but also the busy streets. But they pushed their BMW M machines to the limit, determined to come out on top.


EP.7 Holland Street Circuit

Holland Street circuit was a unique challenge, a dangerous track with sharp turns and blind corners that demanded absolute concentration. Again, this set of operators were up to the task, and they navigated the track with ease.


EP.8 Sepang International Circuit

Finally, with all 7 street courses done. the last one was unlocked — This time, in Malaysia, at the Sepang International Circuit. This was a proper race track where the operators could showcase their skills against some of the best drivers in the world. The drivers were nervous but excited, knowing that this was their chance to prove themselves on the international stage.

In the end, it was a close race, but the operators showed true mettle and a new profound sense of appreciation for the machines. Taking home valuable experience, they drove home in the early hours of the morning, wondering what their next challenge would be. Whatever it is, they know they will be ready for it.


This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore

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