Episode 14: The Timeless Machine.


The 90s is a time of defiance. Sharp combs, JPG wallets, Neoprints, golden-arched neatly combed centre-parting hairdos, and the legendary Young & Dangerous series. Local boys idolised the gang of misfits from the fictional HK mafia family, especially the suave and honourable Chan Ho Nam, leader of the Causeway Bay branch. In the show, this particular Mr Chan had an MR2, and that’s how this exquisite Toyota became the dream car of many adolescent teenage boys.

We got hold of one such two-seater, even though not the deranged sibling driven by Mr Chan, a mid-engined turbocharged RWD MR2 owned by someone who was once that ‘adolescent teenage boy’. 

While this unit has been tuned to extract 300 horses and 400Nm worth of torque, much work has also gone into restoring this Toyota classic to be in-line with the modern times. Aesthetically, body works from Border gives it a more aggressive outlook, and the 17″ Work Wheels Meister S1 Rims add a touch of USDM style with its deep dish design. Ganador mirrors and Gen3 Kouki tail lights helps add flair to the already unique look of this particular MR2. 

Of course, the inner workings of this RWD fan favourite has been upgraded as well, with Defi BF Advance plus Greddy turbo timer providing very necessary info on car performance. A Blitz SS blowoff valve throws in a few more whistles just for good measure. Running as her heart is the 3S-GTE engine, once used by Toyota on their GT500 Supra. In those days, battle for supremacy had largely been between Skylines and Supras, and Nissan dominated with their race-prepped version of the RB26DETT. But Toyota’s 3S-GTE, allowed by the rules, was light, efficient, and, in a TRD-developed guise, produced enough power for Toyota to win races against the mighty GTRs.

Time waits for no one. But we can defy time, through machines like this.





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