Showcase: A Father’s Joy

To Dads of all shapes and sizes, Happy Father’s Day! 

We produced a heart warming short film for Carousell Auto to be released on Father’s Day. The film was fully conceptualised, internally sourced, shot and post edited entirely by our dedicated in-house team.

Brief synopsis

The film was set in the 1980s, featuring the bittersweet relationship of a young man and his car – a 1967 MINI Cooper Clubman – where he had to sell the ride of his life to make ends meet. A sacrifice he had to make for his family, mainly to provide for his daughter’s education. 

Fast forward to 2019, both father and daughter have developed a tight knit family relationship. The daughter has made some success in the corporate world and is looking to purchase a 2018 MINI Cooper Cabriolet. She chanced upon her father’s old ride on a popular online classified app. The ending of the film was kept ambiguous.



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