Episode 19: The Italian Job


The Italians have always been great purveyors of automobiles — from Alfa to Abarth, Fiat to Ferrari. And then, there’s Maserati, the one that builds “ultra-luxury performance drives with timeless Italian style, bespoke interiors” and most importantly, “a signature sound”.

If you’re wondering why Maserati cars sound the way they sound, that’s part of their DNA. This trait basically makes Maserati easily identifiable; you can tell even before seeing.

We got our hands on a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale and it sounds exactly like how a Maserati should sound like. While the V8 engine has ties to Ferrari, a Ferrari this car isn’t — this is a “road legal super sports car that looks and feels like GT4, GTD and Trefeo race cars”. The engineering work on the rest of the components leading out of the engine is what makes a Maserati truly a work of performance and art meshed together in a harmonious union.

This one’s even decked in Italian colours, and only one word comes to our mind: Savage.


This piece is created in collaboration with WWMOTORS, the only place for smart car buyers. WWMOTORS is the fastest growing pre-owned vehicle trader in Singapore, priding itself in providing superior quality vehicles and sincere customer service relations.

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