Episode 18: The Zee Monster


On one cold lonesome night, we got our hands on a hot, hot ride.

It is a BMW.

It is a 2-seater.

It is the reason why the Supra resurrected.

It is the 2020 BMW Z4 M40i. One with the finesse of a ballet dancer and the strength of a lion’s pride.

An inline-six heart that comes with turbocharged goodness pushes this roadster to a quick 382 horsepower and a neck-snapping 500 Nm of torque. We’re not number crunchers, so all we cared about was whether it moves, sounds, and feels good.

Sharp turns, smooth shifts were the order of the night. It felt like a car that’s meant to be pushed, and pushed hard. With a happy redline of 7,000 rpm, running the car through her eight-speeds felt like a breeze, with a dash of excitement. Pop and gargle peppered the drive, and we smiled.

Disappointed, we’re not.






Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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