Episode 20: The Rotary Lottery



1993 was the year of many firsts.

The J-League was formed. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist. Jurassic Park was released. Ong Teng Cheong became the first elected President of Singapore. Porsche 911 GT2 was built.

But non of that really mattered here, because this particular RX-7 was born.

Wrapped in KPMF USA Green Black Iridescent, this 3rd generation Japanese treasure now cruises the streets of Singapore, screaming her heart out with every tap of the accelerator.

No surprises why she’s loud — powered by non other than the engineered marvel in the name of a 13B, and paired with a BorgWarner EFR 8474 twin scroll turbo, this Wankel rotary engine pushed out pure power with just a capacity of 1.3L. Talk about efficiency!

The rest of her is made up of bespoke gear, starting from Ray’s TE37SL rims, form & function weapon of choice for many racers, followed by Ohlins DFV suspension kit for that Swedish harmony of performance and comfort (to a street racer). Custom HKS V-mounted cooling system and Mocal’s dual oil coolers help keep her from overheating as she’s put through her paces.

Recaro’s carbon fibre “Spirit R” seats don the inside of this magnificent beast. There’s only 1500 sets available anywhere in the world, so sitting in one sure feels like winning the lottery!

While many FD3S love the Veilside kit or the Efini badge to go along with the ride, this one goes with a rare Fujita kit complete with the original 99 front bumper, providing that subtle and refined, yet unmistakably iconic look of a true JDM hero.

Never change, rotary lottery. May you be the windfall the next generation needs.

This piece is created in collaboration with Imperial Automotive Styling with the main production filmed at her spacious and spankingly clean detailing workshop. 



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