Special Report: Imperial Automotive Styling Grand Opening


As they say: “A show car may be a race car, but a race car is always a show car”. But they didn’t say how insane it is to own a race car. How many of us can actually own one? 

Though we can’t race cars, we can definitely “show cars”. We are people who love our rides. And loving means taking real good care of them. Loving also means showing them off. 

Cue Imperial Automotive Styling, the experts at helping you tell the world how special your car is.

Personalisation at its finest, Imperial Automotive Styling (or IAS, because cool places all come with their own acronyms) offers a full range of premium styling services and products for vehicles. Part of their arsenal includes really high end wrap sheets from reputable labels 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, System X and others. 

Coupled with over a decade of experience in the paint and graphics industry, plus highly trained installation artists, IAS meticulously transforms your visual dreams into art-on-car. Or, you can simply get a high level installation of chrome / colour-shift wraps, which will almost always add a “baller” prefix to your name.

A show car may be a race car. I’ll gladly take those odds.

This piece is created in collaboration with Imperial Automotive Styling for the grand opening and was filmed at her spacious and spankingly clean detailing workshop. 


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