Episode 31: The Gentleman Racer


To some people, British supercars do not get the respect they ought to receive. When speed is the common denominator, seldom do we hear McLaren and Aston Martin mentioned in the same breath as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Heck, even Maserati gets mentioned more often. Do people really think of the British as people with ‘really bad teeth’, and this rubs off people’s impressions of their cars (i.e. ugly)?

Look at the McLaren MP4-12C. Does it look like one with ‘bad teeth’? Its design language isn’t one shared with next-gen BMW. It is sleek. It is menacing. It looks fast… very fast. But it also has that subtle feel of class pegged to it — how about a cuppa’ hot tea and some “The Wand of Youth, Suite No. 1” whilst rolling down the streets in your black dress jacket, sitting in this almost matte black, murdered out Brit car?

The next time when someone forgets to acknowledge a McLaren when discussing about supercars with you, shout out “Off with ‘yer head!” loud and proud, in your best impression of the Queen (bonus if you have bad teeth as well)!


Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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