Episode 30: The Dark Wraith


The cliché is calling this a car for the one who has made it in life. Like, really made it.

But, in reality, even if you’ve done truly well for yourself, you’re not likely to get a RR, let alone this car.

Don’t kid yourself. Getting a Rolls-Royce requires more than just hard work and great luck. That gets you a Porsche, perhaps. Add a bit more on the luck bit, you find yourself considering a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. But if you’re somehow genetically attuned to Lady Luck herself, managed to beat the random number generator odds for life’s lottery, and have a bespoke taste of greatness, then maybe, this is for you.

When you’re so special in life, fuel economy and road taxes go out of the window. Housed under the hood is a N74 twin-turbo V12, pushing out over 600 horses to the rear wheels. And with the materialistic car world we’re in, weight is not just a scientific unit; it’s also the measurement unit for hyper-luxury. Those horsepower certainly does a fantastic job in moving this passenger car. Even at almost 2.5 tons, she moves ever gracefully, firmly planted on the ground whilst having the ability to overtake many performance cars on the road.

This car is a Rolls-Royce Wraith. With a name this unique, you know it’s something special. Supernaturally good, some would say. A Novitec Overdose kit, limited to 8 in the world, encases this masterpiece, bound to make you overdose on class itself. Custom 22″ Vossen 3-piece S17-44 forged rims make up the shoes. And lastly, a view of the heavens within, through a sleek starlight roof.

So when life gifts you grace that you do not deserve – Choose British, choose life, choose Rolls-Royce… and make it a Wraith.




This piece is created in collaboration with KBS Motorsports Pte. Ltd.

Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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