Episode 33: The Lair


Greatness begets greatness.

So, does great cars bring about great support? Or is it the case of having great support, does great car come about? The answer to this philosophical-ish question depends on the eye of the beholder, but at Savage, we subscribe to the latter.

We define (almost) all cars as good cars. What makes them great is the post-purchase support rendered to them — that’s why you don’t see us calling any stock cars ‘great’! And in this episode, we bring your attention to this legendary support that makes good cars great.

Choon’s Motor Works is a one-stop automotive shop with a history steeped in the annals of Singapore motorsports. Any owner of performance cars worth its salt would know about this legendary garage based up North in Woodlands. Since opening their door 45 years ago, countless of race-worthy machines have come out of their ovens. Eddie, the 二代目 (nidaime) of Choon’s Motor Works, has plenty of motorsports street cred under his belt, and these knowledge of performance translates into his day-to-day work in maintaining and modifying those “good cars” and turning them into great ones. Personally a fan of the rotary club and the RX-7, he is also biased towards Honda and Mitsubishi performance (there’s always a Type R and / or an Evo lying around in his life). That’s not to say he’s adverse to the likes of continental performance, since plenty of high-end marquee makes go through his hands over the years.

Usually seen on the rear, the chrome “Choon’s” badge, reserved for the most ardent of supporters, serves 2 purposes — it’s both a mark of honor for the car owners who have them, and also as a form of aposematism, warning all would-be players to “challenge at your own risk”.

Are you a predator, or are you actually the prey?




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