Episode 38: The Black Beauty


The Blazing Dragon’s got a brother in the family (literally), which is this magnificent stallion, aptly termed by us as the Black Beauty, paying homage to the 1877 book classic.

But surprise surprise… This brother’s a little different, for it comes as a manual horse, one that can only be tamed by a true blue car enthusiast. This is the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4.

Let’s toot Porsche’s own horn here:

It IS irrational, yet perfect — because a car this good can’t realistically be controlled with a manual gearbox, but yet, you’ll lose the essence of limit pushing and the fun of spirited driving out of the window with a PDK.

This isn’t a car meant to give you a gentle breeze — pure aerodynamic engineering helps make air resistance useless.

Fuel consumption isn’t great, but then again when you have 414 horses of pure naturally aspirated power provided by the horizontally opposed 4L flat-6 engine, does it matter? Then again, it’s the first Porsche that comes with cylinder deactivation technology, just to help you stretch that mileage…

A more aggressive bodywork, which includes a lowered stance, a new front bumper, a large new diffuser, and exhaust pipes that are spaced farther apart, all of which are ingredients of what makes a car great in our eyes. And then, some larger side intakes and an adjustable wing to plant this car further onto the ground, making sure it remains stanced at high speed.

We revel in joy for this addition to the good doctor’s stable.



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