Episode 39: The Mafioso


Boys and their toys; a saying that many use when referring to grown men with their (usually expensive) rides. Then again, to qualify as one of “them boys”, you need to get that ride first, obviously. That’s the hard part, because it entails not just hard work, but prudent financial planning. That’s why these boys are part of a collective called The Finance Mafia, and their toys are a testament to their impressive management of their finances.

A Ferrari 458 Italia, a Nissan GT-R, a Porsche Panamera, and a couple of Bimmers — not too shabby a line up, isn’t it? 

These guys dreamt of owning these respective cars since young, literally playing with the diecast model versions of them. Gathering for this monumental drive to celebrate their financial success, the owners suited up, sunglasses in tow, and off we went through a scenic road trip on the southern side of Singapore. 

A mob created with the participants having the same like-minded goal. They sure look the part of success.



This piece is created in collaboration with Finance Mafia.

Categories EDM, Episode, JDM, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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