Gallery: The Rojak Godzilla

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The R35 has been around for more than 12 years and by now, the modification game on this chassis has been strongly established.  If you’ve ever had the luxury of driving one, you’ll know they’re quick right out of the gate. A handful of car nuts, on the other hand, have an insatiable desire for insane speed. And that’s where Nissan’s brilliant minds have built in some generous margins into the engine, allowing for significant power increases simply by stacking performance parts. Thus a great customisation platform has been created, allowing great players to join in the fun.

What you are witnessing here in this featured Godzilla is a byproduct of the true “Rojak” Singapore culture. The owner has painstakingly unify an array of parts from the best bodykit companies, through mix and match, to produce a 1 of 1 sample of his R35 vision – Front carbon lip from renowned TOP SECRET, carbon bumper canards and carbon roof replacement by AutoSelect, carbon side skirts and rear lip from ZELE, dry carbon rear GT wing from ESPRIT, and dry carbon front wide fenders from PASSWORD JDM, and a custom fitted NISMO fender vents. The result, pretty sick eh? – hell, it looks fantastic; kudos to the owner of great taste!

SVG08248sloLike this top? You can order and get it delivered to your doorstep here.

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