Episode 42: The Tradesmith

Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 11.21.17 AMLink:www.fb.com/SAVAGE.FYI/videos/807498603440077

“Stress of work dissipates whenever I get into the driving seat of this joy”, said the tradesmith.

This bimmer is the definition of “trading up”, a culmination of grit and tenacity, plus a dose of some street savviness. A combination of the svelte 2 and the bread-and-butter 3, we went for a scenic bay spin with this coupe beauty that’s uncompromisingly non-conformist.

Sporting a full wrapped gunmetal satin skin, its smoothness an awe as we ran our fingers across the body. True to all car enthusiasts, looks were upgraded a plenty, with the M Performance body kit, complete with side skirts, boot spoiler, rear diffuser, mirror caps, front grill and a yummy carbon fiber front lip, turning this into an aggressive machine. It even came with the OEM 666M competition rims, flushed to goodness, sitting neatly among the wheel wells.

If stain wrap is the epitome of class on the outside, then Alcantara is the equivalent on the insides, with both the interior trims and the steering wheel pampered by this high-end material.

What’s looks without the power? Staged 2 tuned engine supported by an AFE power air intake, a VRSF downpipe and a Remus quad exhaust system, the heavy hitter cuts through the road like a knife on hot butter. With such finesse, M Performance BBK is a must, complete with better handling via a KW V3 suspension system (and also for that lowered goodness).

We say this is one well loved joy of machine.



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