Episode 44: The Gang of 4s


It doesn’t really matter if they’re lifestyle ones, workhorses or luxury; a convoy of the same cars always bring forth a sense of pride and magnificence.  The question has always been – “how grand can grandness be?”

Well, it’s magnitude 4 grand, if they’re all M4. Whether they’re F82 or F83, they’re all powered by that sweet 3L S55 inline-6, twin-turboed for maximum efficiency. They’re all rear wheel drive, for added tail happiness. They’re all 2 doored, so you can make sure you won’t have to encounter rude pricks trying to open the rear doors when you’re hitching.

The menacing nobility is captured through our lens, particularly in a 2 lane column line-up, exiting the highway. That look of a gang is what convoy runners wanna get. It’s just much easier when they’re all high-performance beauties.

Words just can’t justify the grandeur.



This piece is created in collaboration with AGI Singapore.

Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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