Episode 45: The Dystopian Protagonist


In a not so distant future, our world has gone to the gutters. Natural resources have been mined excessively, causing global warming to reach a point of no return. Worlds are flooded by the melting icecaps, diseases have ridden the world of people. The remaining ones are split into 2 factions — the rich ones left the planet and built homes high above the atmosphere, while the poor ones live like scumrats, scouring the surface for once-precious commodities in a bid to survive.

Cars started to become flying ships. But only the the ones with means can afford to get them. The rest of us stuck to tried and tested performance machines of yesteryear. Like this one.

A Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Sport, a very capable luxury sedan from Stuttgart, was once a symbol of success. Losing her lustre in this dystopian world, she did, however, retain her performance, a highly prized utilitarian value in a forsaken world. But utility didn’t come stock — mods were necessary.

A runner with over 300 horsepower and 63kg of torque, the usual aftermarket suspects were installed: an MST air intake, a Fox exhaust system, hybrid turbo kit with upgraded intercooler, a Wortec transmission cooler kit, and a BOV just to ensure people can get out of her way by hearing before seeing. 

But what’s most important is the Accuair suspension system. With a need to traverse both remaining decent tarmac roads, and explore the dirt-ridden paths, one has to be able to clear the bumps and potholes safely. And once you’re done, she can sitting pretty in whatever hellhole one would call a ‘garage’.

Technology has progressed, but for those who can’t reach the stars, this is as good as it gets.



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