Episode 50: The Black Maestro

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With the unpredictable monsoon weather and unrelenting heat from the sun, Singapore isn’t a forgiving place to drive top-down. But for all the sweat you’re going to drip; for all the messy-hair-don’t-care moments you’re going to have; for all the dirt and dust you’re gong to eat; one ride makes it worth your while — the Ferrari 458 Spider.

And we took one out just to experience all that. 

The 458 is the little brother that took over the mantle from the renowned F430, incorporating technologies developed from the company’s experience in Formula One. Powered by a 4.5L V8 engine that pushes out 562 horses, this mean machine blazed through the streets with incredibility, with a 7-speed automatic transmission system built by German experts Getrag to provide that smooth increase of speed to a blistering pace. Agile like a spider, we cut corners through its double wishbones at the front and a multi-link setup at the rear, coupled with E-Diff and F1-Trac traction control systems. No doubt, a Ferrari forged in motorsports.

But let’s admire the car as a piece of artwork, just like how we threw the top down to enjoy the skylines of Singapore. This isn’t your ordinary stock Ferrari. Geared up with plenty of carbon fiber for both function and form, this 458 Spider turned up a notch with tasteful upgrades from German tuning connoisseurs NOVITEC, with the usual shebangs such as carbon fiber side skirts, rear diffuser, front splitters, air vents and, perhaps, something much less ordinary — an engine bay shrouded by the black, glossy twill weave. On the inside, the luxury of the Italian marquee engulfed us (as expected). But one thing stuck out like a bolt from the blue — a carbon fiber LaFerrari bridge replaced the F1 panel. One does not see a Ferrari daily, let alone one which comes with that exquisite touch!

A 458 Spider, with the top down, complete with tasteful upgrades, whilst you look at the historical monuments of our streets… if that’s not what life is supposed to be, then we’re not sure what is.



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