Episode 49: The 4er Assemble


In asian culture, particularly among Chinese, don’t really like the number 4. It has very similar phonetics as the word ‘die’, and hence, usage of this in naming has always been avoided as much as possible.

But it didn’t matter to the Germans. One can even construe it as ‘the ender’ of all competition.

The 4 series from our ever popular Bavarian maker, is a spin-off from their most familiar 3 series executive sedans, converting the usual 4 doors to a sleek coupe (except for the F36 Gran Coupe, which actually has 4 doors), but still sharing plenty of DNA with the F30 range.

Solid aesthetics, powerful turbocharged engines, plenty of aftermarket performance parts to play with — this car has it all. Born to be close to the heart of German engineering masterclass, but different enough to stand out, this ride is certainly a go-to for the younger generation who needs that ‘something different, yet confidently comfortable’. Our assemble here is made up of such individuals who are not afraid, especially of that age-old superstition. “To hell with it”, they say.

These ones here come with Akrapovic exhaust systems, guaranteed to turn heads even before they’re seen. Better breathing equates to better performance, so no surprises with Gruppe M air intakes as well. Need more boost for the brigade? Custom charge pipes, checked. Overweight? Let’s put some carbon fiber to get out of the TAF club. Aggressive cornering required? We’ll do away with stock suspensions and go with renowned ones from Bilstein, KW and the likes.

Hard to think there’s not enough luxury within, but more Alcantara leather revisions wouldn’t hurt at all. To top it all off, slap on the ///M kit, and none will be the wiser.

If challengers come, tune it up to Stage 3 wherever possible, and we’re good to start ‘ending’ the rest of the competition.

We think it’s mighty appropriate to be named as the 4 series, especially for these cars, for what is life without death? It only comes full circle.



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