Episode 53: The Holzbläser


It is widely regarded that exhaust notes are the music of automotive symphony, created by an orchestra. And in each orchestra, a conductor leads a myriad of instruments, namely strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Showcasing this German orchestra, we have the BMW M3 — the Holzbläser, or better known as the woodwinds.

Since the day the world was introduced to the E30 M3, car lovers were introduced to this performance workhorse and has been wowed till till today. Every generation of the 3 series came with its own ///M variant, and each of them has its own loyal following. From the S14 four-cylinder, to this iconic V8, till to today’s S58 turbocharged straight-six, each generation provided the benchmark ///M rumble, serving up a plate of no-nonsense, pure performance tones for the workhorse series of the BMW range.




To be continued… 

This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore


Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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