Episode 56: The Schlagzeug



It is widely regarded that exhaust notes are the music of automotive symphony, created by an orchestra. And in each orchestra, a conductor leads a myriad of instruments, namely strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Showcasing this German orchestra, we have the BMW M4 — the Schlagzeug, or better known as the percussion. Because they’re the cool ones.

As part of the whole BMW renumbering exercise, the BMW M4 is essentially the coupe and convertible versions of the M3. In the past, people would have the problem finding out if you’re a cool ///M owner, or if you’re one that’s all about “I need to buy fetch the kiddos from their ballet class in record time”. Now, it’s simple — get an M3, which comes with 4 doors, if your wife (or husband) nags at you via the ‘in-case-you-forgot-we-have-kids’ angle, but go straight up with the M4 if your day starts at Cafe Del Mar and your poison of choice is a swanky ice cold mojito.

The F82 and F83 M4 here comes equipped with the same S55B30 inline-6 turbocharged engine, guaranteeing you with high torque and power as per what turbocharged performance ought to deliver, while at the same time losing some weight compared to the E92 M3. Interestingly, though it’s technically a 4-series, it only has about 50% of the parts of that series; the rest are all unique to the M4.




To be continued… 

This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore


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