Episode 59: The German die Oper


In M Town, the real M enthusiasts gather, bringing their love of BMW M cars in a grand celebration of life. Powerful machines, fantastic stories… German perfections, each of them bring about their individual brand of ‘music’:

The E Series M3, who sets the tone as the Holzbläser (Woodwinds);
The M2, trendsetters as the Streich-instrumente (Strings);
The F series M3, the ones who present class with their vibration as the Blech-instrumente (Brass);
The M4, providing the heartbeat of the family as the Schlagzeug (Percussion);
The M5, X6M, X3M, M6, bringing forth the energy as the Stimme (Voice);
And leading the pack as the Dirigenten (Conductors), the M850i

And together, they form the German die Oper (The Opera), a symphonic masterpiece as a toast to their collective history.

FINALE. See you in 2022.

This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore


Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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