Episode 61: The F4mily


A person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader.

Once upon a time, rebels were people who rose up against the incumbent, incite uprisings, topple leaderships, united by a singular objective despite their various ideologies.

In our (relatively) peaceful day and age, rebels are the ones who dare to be different, or perhaps, dare to be the same when so many are trying to be different. What matters is that they’re collectively united by the cause.

At the first glance, these individuals certainly seem contrasting; one wouldn’t typically picture them in the same setting on any normal given day. Helming from different walks of life, and cultivated by the melting pot of Singapore, they come together to form an unbreakable bond of friendship that transcends boundaries. This collective group of individuals became a brotherhood, united by their love the G22, the new BMW 4 Series.

The large kidney grill, as polarising as it can be, is the metaphor for their team spirit — the diversity of their background, all contained within a single pool. This tightly weaved package exudes their love of cars, their fondness for modifications, their attachment to speed, their devotion to ‘being different’, and, most importantly… their endearment to making sure their respective rides are kitted in ///M Performance.

The BMW G22, a 2020 offering to our modern world, is one that’s somewhat of a rebel within the BMW line — exceptional, independent, individual, hallmarks of what this group is about. And then, you put them all together.

Winners or losers, they all etch themselves into the books of history.





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