Episode 66: The Z Monsters

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 10.06.21 AM


We called them the Z Club 7, in a mix of stock and modified rides. From the most extreme red roadster fitted with scissors door, to a lady-owned wrapped in glittery pink – who happened to be the convoy leader. The glorious machines were velvety, their owners eager to hit the road for their sunrise drive through the city – as they revved their engines and pulled out of the parking lot, top down, to the hum of their engines and exhaust fumes filling the air.

As they made their way through the empty streets, the owners chatted amongst themselves over radio, excited to be out on the open road together. They weaved their way through the city, taking turns leading the pack and feeling the thrill of the chilly year end wind rushing past them.

At one point, they pulled over to a scenic overlook and admired the sunrise together, sharing modification projects as they took in the beauty of the morning. The rest of the drive was just as exhilarating, with the Z4s zipping around corners and accelerating down straights and over highways. By the time they returned to the parking lot, the sun was high in the sky and the owners were grinning from ear to ear, already planning their next outing together.

The group of Z4s and their owners had truly bonded over their shared love of speed and the open road, and they knew they would be back for many more sunrise drives to come.



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