Episode 72: The 0808 Heritage

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 9.44.22 AM


Loud pipes.

Spitting fires.

Wild kits.

Subtle glows that draw the silhouette of the machines.

Night beckons.

Comm static.

Hot and humid.

The Godzillas come alive to rule the streets once again, in this year’s edition of 0808, the unofficial official car show of Singapore. Synonymous with fast cars and even more furious drivers, we tagged along the GTR Club of Singapore through a scenic but show-stopping drive across town. Of course, the sight of 50 GTRs is bound to attract eyeballs, especially from dumbstruck drivers admiring the absolute insane amount of power rolling past them.

Arriving at Raffles Marina, we were blown away by the sheer number of man and machine; Car enthusiasts, both owners and spotters, came in full force to celebrate our unique Singapore car culture, one that is restrictive and (probably) the most expensive in the world, but yet, vibrant and gung-ho because of the passion people have for their rides.

The heritage of 0808 is going strong, and by the looks of this year, it’ll surely continue with the newer generations and even newer rides. But, without a doubt, the old kings like the GTRs will continue to rule.




This piece is created in collaboration with GTR Club of Singapore and BMS Motorsports.

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