Episode 71: The Sinister Six

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 9.39.11 AM


The BMW 6 Series has certainly come a long way. From the (not so) humble beginnings of the first ones in the 70s, the 6 Series has surprisingly been fairly quiet in churning out generations of them, as compared to other BMW models. But perhaps, this is why they get even more sought after.

Designed to be a grand tourer, they marry both the sensibility of a larger family saloon with the performance of fast cars, for one to be able to go long distance quick and luxuriously, making them great family cars in which racing is “in the family” itself. Though many styles have existed, the latest generation (G32; 4th gen) only exists as a fastback, in order to compliment the 5 Series. 

We went on a sunrise attack with this group of 6 Series enthusiasts to revel in their profound joy of their machines. Every single one of them is tastefully modified, tweaked from the original specifications, include a handful of them going all out with statement-making kits, in order to bring out the spirit of the BMW Motorsports. 

6 of them 6sers, going out at 6am for the sunrise attack… Seriously sinister on the streets.



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