Special Report: Osaka Auto Messe 2023


Press day

Intekkusu Ōsaka (インテックス大阪), Osaka, Japan

Team Savage was gearing up for the highly anticipated Osaka Auto Messe 2023. After experiencing the spectacle of Tokyo Auto Salon pre Covid in 2020, we were excited to see what the newest and most insane rides the automotive world has to offer in the Kansai region. The Osaka Auto Messe was held at Intex Osaka International Exhibition Center, a massive venue that will house 6 exhibition halls of badass machinery and an outdoor parking area, which was converted into an exhibition drift park.

Walking through the exhibition halls, we were blown away by the effort that the car brands put into their displays.  Toyota Gazoo Racing drew in massive crowds, making an impact with their GR Yaris RZs and out of the world AE86 H2 (Hydrogen) and BEV concepts. Nissan showcased a variety of modified Fairlady Zs, but the highlight was the 2024 final edition of R35, which Nissan has given her the most dramatic visual makeover. Newcomer BYD, in our opinion, had the most forward looking themed booth that showcased her new EVs, and Honda stole the show with their surprise Super GT race car, replacing their current NSX-GT Type S with the new Honda Civic Type R GT concept. 

Some of the most highly anticipated custom exhibits at the Osaka Auto Messe 2023 were: LibertyWalk’s Ferrari F40, JUN’s GR86, Kamikaze’s Lamborghini Countach, MANHART Japan’s M4 CSL, GAMBIT’s Aventador SVJR, MODELLISTA’s 2024 Prius, and ORIGIN N-STYLE’s S13 Silvia among many others.

The Osaka Auto Messe proved to be another mecca for car enthusiasts, leaving Team Savage in awe and already planning our return trip for next year.




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  1. Great shots!


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