Special Report: MCOS Malacca Day Run


In a sight to behold, 52 BMW ///M cars totaling over 25,000bhp took to the roads for a day trip to the historic town of Melaka. This marked the largest overseas day trip in the 10-year history of the BMW M Club of Singapore.

As the convoy hit the highway, the thrill of driving these powerful ///Ms was palpable. The rumble of the engines echoed through the roads, with each car perfectly tuned and meticulously maintained. The sight of the gleaming fleet was a true spectacle to behold from above, as we stopover at Malacca Straits Mosque – a beautiful and iconic mosque on the man-made Malacca Island overlooking a breathtaking view of the sea.

But it wasn’t just about the cars. Everyone knew what was on the agenda – FOOD! And what better place to indulge in a gastronomic adventure than in the vibrant old town of Melaka?

The first stop was Dim Sum Garden, where the club members were treated to a delectable array of traditional dim sum dishes. The aroma of freshly steamed siew mai + ha gao, fluffy char siew buns and crispy fried delicacies filled the air, tempting even the most disciplined taste buds.

After the satisfying dim sum feast, it was time for a sweet treat. The group headed to a local eatery to indulge in Chendol with Gula Melaka to cool off from the heat of the town – the creamy delight the perfect refreshment.

The adventure didn’t stop there. The group continued to explore the charming streets of Melaka, stopping at a hipster cafe called Heesan for some artisanal coffee and pastries. The quirky decor and laid-back atmosphere made for the perfect setting to relax and chat with fellow BMW enthusiasts.

As the day drew to a close, the group headed back to Singapore, filled with fond memories and satisfied stomachs. This day trip was organized by the BMW M Club of Singapore and supported by Eurokars Auto Singapore, a testament to the club’s commitment to bringing together like-minded individuals to share in their passion for these remarkable machines. Driving a BMW ///M car is not just about speed and power, it’s a lifestyle. And what better way to celebrate that lifestyle than by embarking on a journey of culinary delights and camaraderie?

This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore

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