Episode 4: The Wolf Pack.


Engineering a 2.2L VTEC-happy powerplant is no easy task. Packing said powerplant into a tight 2-door rear-wheel-drive package, complete with fully functional aero, you make one mean savage machine. Some say this is the epitome of Honda’s racing design, while others bemoaned the “what-it-could-have-been”. But everyone agrees on one thing — this car tops the list of “Honda dream cars to own”. Behold, the form-fitting legendary Honda S2000.

In true-blue wolf pack fashion, we found ZZ’s #S2Kgang at Lye Design, their den-of-choice. With S2000 in the endangered species category, seeing 4 of these wolves in one place is truly a rare moment. Each unique in its own right, we saw kits from J’s Racing, Spoon Sports, but ZZ’s one takes the cake — his custom kit, painstakingly handcrafted by Lye Design, defines what ‘custom’ should really mean. And then, we rolled.

We chased after these elusive animals through the streets of Singapore during the infamous 0808, capturing them in their natural habitat. These 4 wolves burned tarmac in synchronised movements, fluid and aggressive all rolled into one. Through the lens, it feels like we were watching a hypnotically mesmerising dance. And when one howls VTEC, the rest follow. It was incredibly difficult to catch up to their quick dashes, but the silver lining here is that these majestic wolves are a true sight to behold. And just like wolves in the wild, they’re definitely hard to find these days…

Now, where can we find an M&M Honda kitted S2000?

To order those fluffy paus from Hock Seng Pau at distributor prices, call or WhatsApp

ZZ @ (+65) 90104901

If you are keen to join the wolf pack, find a Honda S2000 here.

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