Episode 5: The Chromatic Sleeper.


Can you marry a touch of class with an aura of intensity?

We started the day wondering this impossible equation… Or so it seemed. Because, we met up with this particular WALD-kitted Mercedes-Benz E250.

The first thing we noticed was the ferocity of the body kit. Originating from Japan, WALD has been one of the most renowned bespoke car outfitter for luxury car enthusiast all around the world. Every WALD piece fits seamlessly – opulence now tinged with savagery. This is Japanese affluence at its finest.

Right after we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, the Merc roared into life. A low rumble straight out of the quad exhaust system and boy, this machine can run! Tuned to a respectable 270 horses, cruising the streets felt like a breeze not known to other E-Class. It glides effortlessly on its deep-dished Vertini rims and Continental rubber, cutting quiet morning traffic like a hot knife over butter. A 3M psychedelic wrap covered every inch of its luxurious body – we thank our lucky stars for the warm morning sun rays which truly enunciated the colour-shifting properties to its most glorious state.

Whoever said the E-Class are for the oldies, has obviously never seen this magnificent sleeper of a beast.

We have seen the light.


This piece is created in collaboration with Pricematch.sg, the only place for smart car sellers. Should you have any modified rides to let go, Pricematch.sg is a great channel to consider dealing with at close to direct seller pricing.

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