Episode 15: The Dawn Runners.


Every country has its own flag, and every town has its own car culture. Despite the insanely high prices, Singapore is no different.

Of course, the car prices here mean that a car meet will never be filled with GT-Rs left, right and centre. But, arguably, there’s no such thing as an inferior car, for all cars are made to be unique.

What we have here instead, are Civic Type Rs, S2Ks, CRZs and Swifts – drool-inducing Japanese rides among petrolheads worldwide. Plus Rocs to throw down for the Germans, adding more diversity and flavour to our boiling caldron of diversity.

The love of speed and cars brought them together, and they head out before first light, led by wolfpack leader, ZZ’s S2000.

As they roam the streets, we get to feel the uniqueness of each individual car. The stage 3 tuned Scirocco surges forward as it is willed, throwing out DSG farts like a bloated stomach filled with hot, angry air. Fully Mugen kitted CRZ zips around nimbly, exchanging positions with the equally nifty Swift Sports. The mighty Civic FD2Rs, some say the truest Type R from Honda’s performance lineage, roar through the crowd with a symphony of bass notes through their exhausts, ranging from Toda to J’s.

All for that simple joy of catching that beautiful rising sun from the carpark rooftop.

Featured rides at a glance:

1. Scirocco 2.0 TSI (lighter shade)
Revo Stage 3
Revo DSG Stage 2
Remus Quad Exhaust
Revo Air Intake
THS Intercooler
Enkei RS05rr

2. Scirocco 1.4 TSI
Stage 3 with TT270
MST Intake
Fox Exhaust
D2 Super Sports Coil-overs

3 Honda CRZ
Full Mugen Kit
Mugen Exhaust
Advan Racing TC3

4. Honda S2000
Koyorad Radiator
HKS Hyper max V3
Js Racing Exhaust
Voltex Type 3 Spolier
Hardrace Arms
Spoon Intake
Spoon Bushing
Spoon LSD
CSG Taillights

5. Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC31s)
Koyorad Radiator
HKS Intake
TE37 Sports Rims
Sunline 60SS Exhaust
Recaro Super Stark

6. Honda FD2R (white lip with savage sticker)
Choons Intake
Koyorad Radiator
ORC Clutch Kit
G-Force Racing Coil-overs
VolkRacing Formula Edition RE30
Js Racing Exhaust
Js Spoiler
Hardrace RCA

The rest undisclosed.





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