Episode 6: The Ringed Beast.


Heart palpitations,

Light streaks running blinding lines.

The ringed beast roam true.

All of Audi’s top-notch production models have been badged “RS”. But there’s one high performance ride that’s not part of this esteemed family. One that the famed rings of Bavaria made, to be above them all.

The name of that ride — the R8.

We followed the R8 for a cruise under bright city lights in the concrete jungle. Hiding a V8 under its future-proofed shell, we hear the sexy purrs of the ringed beast, beckoning all to take a peek at its design language – one can’t help seeing how much the futuristic look of the R8 compliments the grayscale cityscape.

We leave with an ode to this ride; a haiku to commemorate our time together. Because words don’t do enough justice.


Video stills
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