Episode 8: The Sidewinder.


Link: www.fb.com/SAVAGE.FYI/videos/1959043571068287/

The age-old battle has never truly been decided; Is Evolution the better ride, or does the Impreza WRX reign supreme?

Today, we are not here to have a discourse on which one’s the winner. We’re here to witness the GH8 variant of the Impreza WRX — the 5-door savagery of the boxer-engined, race winning lineage.

With rally blood coursing through its veins, this Subaru Impreza WRX 5D trades the dirt for the tarmac, and it feels exactly at home. Pumped to no less than a neck-whipping 300 #hrsprs, the boxer rumble rings through the streets, warning all who dares to take her on.

Yellow here is laden with HKS goodies including their famous air intake and filter system, boost controller for the boosting duties. Syms down and mid pipe to push more power on the pedal taps. And no appreciating monster goes without good shoes — 19″ DPE Monoblock forged wheels to fill the wheel well nice and tight.

Move aside, Evolution. This time round, the Rex wins.


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