Episode 9: The Legend of Speed.


In 1995, a Jackie Chan movie, 霹靂火, was released to the Asian community and the main character was a car — Lan-Evo III.

In 1999, the world was introduced to the infamous, “chopped-upside-down-rival-team-decal” Emperor racers, with their leader, Kyoichi Sudo, and his weapon of choice — Lan-Evo III.

In 2019, we found a rally-ready hero right in our Singapore backyard — Lan-Evo III.

A CE9A body, with a 4G63T heart, complete with the iconic nose moulding, fog lights, rear boot, rear bumper, spoiler and true-to-spirit Mitsubishi livery. We asked this timeless beauty out on a date, and we captured every essence of our time together.

A sprint through the concrete jungle, followed by a dash in a Gran Turismo-ish forest, we were both enthralled by the smoothness of the cruise and the ferociousness of the surge — how they created such a perfect harmony baffled us completely.

The only thing we wish, is for her to have a mis-firing system.

A true legend, beautifully savage.


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