Special Report: Tokyo Auto Salon 2019



January 11, 2019

Makuhari Messe (幕張メッセ), Tokyo, Japan

Media Preview




The combination of these letters brings the brightest smiles from petrolheads the world over.

We made our way to the land of the rising sun in a bid to catch the craziest and greatest cars known to mankind. In a nutshell, the サビッジ rides.

Lo’ and behold – TAS certainly didn’t disappoint. Dubbed as the most outlandish custom car show on earth, this year’s edition is just as amazing as all the other ones before. From diesel to electric, from Liberty Walk to Pandem 6666, from the cleanest stock cars to the filthiest Frankenstein builds, there’s just no end to the mind-blowing spectacle in store for us.

Words don’t do justice. Here’s the after video of our outing with more exciting side shows of our stay in Tokyo to follow.


January 12, 2019

Daikoku Futo (大黒ふ頭 ) PA, Tokyo, Japan

Side show


Which came first — Wangan Midnight or Daikoku Futo PA (Parking Area)?

We have no idea as well. But we were there at Daikoku Futo PA, ground zero.

One of the epicentres of the Japanese car culture, this location is probably the most famed PA in Japan where car enthusiasts meet up to admire the machines we can’t live without — cars.

Against a beautiful backdrop of bridged filter roads leading in and out of the Yokohama Bay Bridge, we feasted both our eyes and our ears to the glorious exhaust notes. We were NOT prepared at all!

With a mirage of rides transiting during our 90 minutes’ stay here, we did what best we could — snapping away as much as we can. Even the Bōsōzoku cameoed for us towards the end. What a night!

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