Episode 10: The Twin Godzillas.


Pure manic.

Arguably the only badge that’s universally acclaimed. The pinnacle of engineering combined with the highest level of street credibility. We rolled the streets with not one, but two such legendary cars that come with that badge.

’34’ and ’35’. That GT-R badge. Both so potent, they can only be nicknamed to that Japanese monster – the Godzilla.

We ran the tarmac dry.

We ran the touge dry.

We ran the streets dry.

Every step of the accelerator gave us power so immense, we shivered with fear. But we know how well these beasts were built – giving in to our inner speed demons never felt so good…

And then, just like the Godzilla, we return to the sea, satisfied with the rampage. The roads, littered with the dead carcasses of other pretenders foolish enough to challenge.

Watch till the end for the blast 🎧 . Cars courtesy of Omoshiro Rent a Car.









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