Episode 11: The Beautiful Assassin.


The night is cold.

The roads are empty.

The sound of the exhaust note rumble through the shophouses.

The BMW Z4 is a formidable foe. Hailing from the famed Bavarian mountains, it has seen battles all over the world, ranging from the Le Mans to amateur track days in Asia. A symbol of form and function all rolled into an exquisite package, this is a dream car for many an enthusiast — its power coupled with a top-down lifestyle that only a few can attain.

Our particular Z4 is a JB4 tuned joy of a machine that comes with a Super Sprint quad exhaust system. Adding to that class is the Akrapovic carbon fiber tips that leaves all competition drooling. With a KW V3 coilover set to handle the bumps on the roads, plus an M2 bodykit, we’re talking about serious looks to turn the heads in any occasion.

Savage is not a word too raw for this ride.



This piece is created in collaboration with Pricematch.sg, the only place for smart car sellers. Should you have any modified rides to let go, Pricematch.sg is a great channel to consider dealing with at close to direct seller pricing.

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