Gallery: Honda AP2 X FD2R, VTEC FTW.


In case you didn’t know, there is an official (SAVAGE) list of Honda performance rides one needs to own in a lifetime, and it goes like this.

1. NA1 NSX / NSX-R
2. EK9 Type R Civic
3. DC2 Type R Integra
4. AP2 S2000
5. FD2 Type R Civic
6. FK8 Type R Civic
(Bonus) EG2 Del Sol
(Bonus) EG6 Civic
(Bonus) DC5 Type R Integra
(Bonus) NC1 NSX

And in this impromptu gathering on a cool night, we gathered 4 VTEC-happy machines that checked off 2 of the must-owns – Civic FD2 Type R, the greatest rental car alive, and the AP2 S2000, the most beautiful Honda you can afford. The music they made from the K and F engines reverberate through the streets, creating an electrifying atmosphere for all to enjoy.

It’s no secret that some of us at SAVAGE are huge fans of Honda – the last, greatest independent car manufacturer. While technology moves at breakneck speed, the purist in us look longingly with melancholy at these manual-only NA machines, hoping that they’ll never ever die.

VTEC just kicked in, yo.


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