Special Report: Beast Battalion Meet 2019


In this sweltering heat, we made our way to the top of an industrial playground, for we were promised a moment of savagery worth waiting for.

With bated breath, we heard the rumble of exhaust notes. First, it was faint – we could barely hear anything. Then, much like someone turning the knob of a Marshall amplifier, the notes got louder, and louder. Before we knew it, the floor we were standing on started to tremble.

That’s when we saw the first of the Beast Battalion. A car enthusiast group out to keep the fire of motorsports, loud mods and passionate cars burning high against the backdrop of oppressive government clamp downs in Singapore.

The GT-Rs came.

The Porsches came.

The Honda EKs came.

Heck, even the Ferraris came.

Slowly but steadily, drool-worthy performance rides filled the top floor of the parking area. The hot sun shines brightly on these savage machines.




Categories EDM, JDM, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN, Special Report

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