Episode 16: The Drift Weapon



They say that orange is the happiest colour. We thought it was just an old wives’ tale, till we saw this car…

The Nissan Silvia, a name synonymous with “going sideways”; the car that mastered the art of ‘tail-happiness’, is the weapon of choice among drifters. We met up with one such owner — his passion for the art of oversteering, channeled through this 180SX.

What makes a car “a drift weapon”? Simple.

It needs to be loud, and we have that in a warm-orange-painted Rocket Bunny V2 kit that needs no introduction.

It needs to be loud, and we have that in a HKS super sequential BOV that makes sure everyone on the streets know of its prowess.

It needs to be really loud, and we have that in an earth-shattering, ‘hole that your fist can put through’ exhaust pipe.

This machine has to pack a real mean punch, if we want it to stay controlled in a seemingly uncontrollable situation, namely while its tail goes wide and still needs to turn. Thankfully, it does just that with some sweet, sweet upgrades to its engine, particularly the metal head gasket that allows for harder revs without blowing its components to bits.

The only thing it’s missing, are the drifter stitches.


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