Special Report: STOCKPARTY #1 0808@Cartisan


If you’re a car enthusiast in Singapore, you cannot not know what August 8 means.

National Day is a public holiday in Singapore. But for some, the day before is the real holiday here. Every year, petrolheads take out their prized wheels onto the streets of Singapore on August 8, or better known as 0808, for a night of gatherings, meets and races. Boxer notes, butterfly BOV flutters, VTEC screams, exotic rumbles — one can hear them all, if they can’t see the rides roar past in a blink of an eye. 

Why 0808? Because everyone (wrongly) assumes that the enforcers are all busy, preparing for the National Day Parade. Still, even with increased heat on the street, car enthusiasts remain undeterred, all in the name of tradition (and a hefty dose of show-off-ery).

And so, we decided to partner up with Cartisan, a reputable enthusiast workshop, to give these devil-may-care petrolheads a (safe enough) place to gather and “talk engine” in this year’s 0808. Enter StockParty #1.

From soloists, to full car groups. From GTR, to Getz. From Lambo, to Lancer, to everything in between. Everyone dropped by for a night of pizzas and drinks, surrounded by loud exhausts and backfires, under the cloudless night sky.

Pictures are all that’s left of our very first 0808 meet. Till next year.



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