Episode 17: The Love Story


Close your eyes. Picture this story. Girl meets boy. Girl hates boy. Boy chases girl. Girl gets touched. They get together. Happily ever after. Now, open your eyes. What did you see? A sweet girl, a handsome boy, sunflower dresses, preppy shirts, dreamy pastel streets… the epitome of a lighthearted K-drama script. Well, the first part is true. But a cliché this is not. Throw in a chance encounter on the highway, an impromptu street race between 2 wheels and 4, followed by some police action. Then, a smitten individual, a never-say-die attitude against a heart of ice, melted by a blossoming friendship over car washes. Armed not with flowers or chocolates, but cloth and soap, the boy rode his satin-pearl white Yamaha CBR1000rr over to the girl’s place and washed away the dirt of the world-rally blue Subaru. A Varis-kitted GRB STI, pedigree beast with a rich history, was the girl’s drive. And he washed away not only the grime, but also the her guarded nature. This story ends with a “till death do us part” for the grunge fastbender and a street racer. And they live happily ever after. The end.  





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