Episode 21: The Twin Monsters


Among the locals, there’s something negative about technology developed in Singapore. People here tend to form a biased, unfounded opinion about poor quality, lack of innovation and the whatnots whenever they hear about a Singapore product. But surprisingly (and shockingly to some), “Developed in Singapore” is one of the strongest names on the global stage. Ducatus’ engine oil is no different — revered by many in the international community, and by the people who actually know their shit (e.g. TÜV Germany certified).

Known to provide excellent lubrication, clocking better mileage AND simultaneously cleans your engine (this is legit – we saw the before and after in awe), Ducatus’ engine oil powered these 2 beasts of the road, an Evo X and an RS5. Feeding them the manuka honey equivalent of liquid gold, they pounced onto the roads at ease, pulling away from our cam car without breaking a sweat. We had a hard time chasing them, but still, we managed to catch some pretty shots, including fire breathing moments.

A Japanese treasure and a German powerhouse. A potent combo tied together by Ducatus. This speaks a lot about the homegrown automotive company.

For now, we’ll enjoy the savage run.

This piece is created in collaboration with Ducatus Oil.
Talent: Nikki Goh
Location: Visionworkz Singapore



Categories EDM, Episode, JDM, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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