Gallery: SPOON Collection 2020


If Japan is the holy land, then SPOON is the religion, and TYPEONE is the church.

Known to be the mecca for Honda fanboys, Tokyo-based SPOON is the legendary tuner shop that turns Civics into conquerors, S2000s into savagers, and the list goes on.

But we’re not here to talk about the cars in detail (a simple Google search will garner you plenty of write-ups on them). Instead, we want to share with you the surreal atmosphere one gets when entering the church.

We made our way to TYPEONE, the garage-slash-workshop-slash-museum-slash-art-gallery-slash-enthusiast-meet-up-point on a chilly Monday for the SPOON Collection 2020 event, located in Suginami, a ward within the Tokyo prefecture. Our trusty rental DC5R, courtesy of Omoshiro, seems perfectly suited to be our mode of transport, knowing that we’re going to a place where Honda cars are blessed. Due to a lack of parking space at TYPEONE, we jettisoned our ride a few blocks down and quickened our pace, barely withholding our excitement.

The orange TYPEONE signboard is unmistakable — arriving at her doorsteps, the first thing we saw were them Civics, from EGs to FKs, draped in the yellow and blue team colours of SPOON. One thing extremely noticeable is how clean the place is. Nardo grey floors with not a single speck of dirt nor stains. And, on the first floor, the famed clean room where SPOON engines were painstakingly built by master mechanics.

In the midst of it all, the quad-exhaust SPOON S2000 lie in the middle, basking in all her glory amongst the eyes of devotees. Then, there’s the NSX…

We proceeded to the 2nd floor for further exploration, and were greeted by a SPOON staff member, beckoning us to take a polaroid picture under the backdrop of the SPOON FK8 Type R and FK7. What luck we have, because they’ve just cleared their visitor mural wall and was getting us to fill it up with new ones for 2020!

Everyone was busy purchasing the SPOON Collection 2020 lucky bag at JP¥5000 per pop (limited to 2 per person), and of course, we did so too. Then, the air chilled within, the room filled with an electrifying tingle… The founder and president of SPOON, Mr. Tatsuru Ichishima, graced us with his presence and began signing autographs for the fans in wait.

Apart from his signature, we got more than we can bargain for — polaroid picture of the team with him.

And henceforth, Savage is blessed.


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