Episode 22: The Crabzilla


As an automotive portal, we don’t usually cover food. But if we have to, you can be damn sure that it’s savage AF.

Genuine hearty meals coupled with a GTR aptly dubbed as The Crabzilla — what’s there not to like?

Buey Tahan by ShiFuGe is a well established kitchen specialising in the Singaporean Chinese cuisine “Tze Char” (cook and fry for the uninitiated). Instead of master mechanics, master chefs whip up storms of savoury delights, with their fragrance permeating in the air, causing us to salivate to no end! From the humble stir fried kailan to their signature dish, Crab in Da Bag, the key ingredient that ties them all together is the Wok Hei, the “breath of the wok” which, according to the Michelin Guide, creates the “complex charred aroma that fleetingly cloaks the piping-hot stir-fries”

This Wok Hei is present not just in their food, but in their delivery car as well, through the use of Arquay exhaust system and some fine tuning. The Crabzilla, a 800HP GT-R35 unmistakeable from the chrome-purple-with-crab-eyes livery, runs a rich set-up through its #stockisbest VR38DETT engine together with hybrid turbos. Top that up with a Rocket Bunny x Top Secret wide body kit, and you have one crazy fast dinner shipment vehicle*.

By the way, Muslim friends, try some Tze Char because Buey Tahan by ShiFuGe is Halal-certified.

So, are you savagely hungry today? Here’s a promotion for all you starving souls. Order via their portal here and key in SAVAGE during checkout to get 10% off

*Delivery of food by Buey Tahan by ShiFuGe by The Crabzilla subject to availability


This piece is created in collaboration with halal certified Chinese seafood zichar, Buey Tahan See-Food Delivery.


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