Episode 24: The Imperial Army


All enthusiastic car owners know 2 timings in a day very well — the witching hour, and the dawn.

The drivers from mostly SG Convertible Club certainly got themselves well acquainted with the rising sun (for once, the actual one, not the Japanese one!), and we went for a drive along the southern shores of Singapore.

The light of dawn always brings upon an uplifting mood whenever it comes to capturing moments. Sort of like a ‘lift me up’ kick, it couldn’t be better that the sky was all bright and sunny, especially since the cars were all top-down-ready. And, of course, they all drove it the way it’s meant to be — with their tops, down (the cars, not the drivers mind you).

A myriad of makes, models and colours, we saw the likes of continental favourites like the BMW and Volkswagen, joined by Japanese classics such as the Nissan Fairlady, many of which share the same personalisation craftsmanship from the team at Imperial Automotive Styling (IAS).

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, IAS offers a full range of premium styling services and products for vehicles. Part of their arsenal includes really high end wrap sheets from reputable labels 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, System X and others. Coupled with over a decade of experience in the paint and graphics industry, plus highly trained installation artists, IAS meticulously transforms your visual dreams into art-on-car. Or, you can simply get a high level installation of chrome / colour-shift wraps, which will almost always add a “baller” prefix to your name.

That morning, everyone got their healthy dosage of Vitamin D, and a tan worthy of their rides, no doubt!

This piece is created in collaboration with Imperial Automotive Styling.


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