Special Report: Tokyo Auto Salon 2020


Team Savage first went to the fabled Tokyo Auto Salon in 2019. 

It cemented itself as a mecca for car lovers; a yearly trip one must make as a sacred pilgrimage, to bask in awe at the (current) craziest and greatest rides available to mankind.

So we decided to go again this year. This time, with more friends.

TAS didn’t fail to live up to expectations this year. And as per tradition, it is once again held in Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe (幕張メッセ), spreading across a massive sprawling space of 9 exhibition halls. But that’s not all, truly. The outdoor parking area is also converted to a exhibition drift park, with extreme-turning-angled S15s burning rubbers throughout the day!

On the inside, we saw the brands going all out to win the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts. Subaru had a perpetual traffic human traffic jam with their massive blue spread of cars, particularly the STI concept ones. Toyota Gazoo Racing was a crowd drawer just because they’re fresh off the press with the launch of the A90 Supra — no surprises there! Nissan is always a head turner just by displaying as many GTRs as possible, but they also displayed that special R35 GT-R50. Mazda, on the other hand, was more subtle, with ample showcases of the ND Miata. Arguably, Honda had the most unique car on show — the “Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020”, which looked straight out of the Ghost in the Shell anime version, full of neo-retro goodness.

Anti Social Social Club was pretty obvious as well, matching themselves closely with Liberty Walk, one of the kingpin showstoppers of TAS. Street wear fashion combined with show-car-worthiness, this creates a storm that’s hard to subside. Selling out fast seems to be the name of their game, because the queues are endless, their stocks are always sold out, and just about everyone seemed to be holding a LBWK paper bag.

Enough talk. Enjoy the visual coverage.



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