Gallery: Car Meet @Dempsey

Every now and then, we hear a calling from the gods of petrolheads. Like a banner raised, a bellowing roar of thunder, rallying all self-respecting car enthusiasts to get their lazy asses out of bed and crank their cars up from their slumber. A bespoke car meet to attend, held at an upmarket district with ample of parking, picturesque restaurants and coffee houses lining every stretch.

Viola, a car meet worthy of its rally cries. This is the Sunday Morning Coffee Meet @ Dempsey. A meet where makes don’t matter. A meet which all models are deemed equal. Because it’s not about the number of horses one can push, nor the height of the gap between the lip and the tarmac. It’s just… a morning where lovers of 4-wheeled machines get together to admire… everyone else’s 4-wheeled machines, all while sipping on their hot piping coffee (and munching the occasional McMuffin).

We bring you the snaps we took that morning.

Car meet hosted by CyberImp Productions.

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