Special Report: BCCS Welcoming 2020


As they say: “A show car may be a race car, but a race car is always a show car”. But they didn’t say how insane it is to own a race car. How many of us can actually own one? 

If you are a BMW fan, these are some of the things you’ll wanna do:

• Not signalling “like a boss”
• Getting a full Akraprovic exhaust system for your Bimmer
• Pull away from an Audi because “Quattro ist für sissies”

Add a mega BMW car meet and you’re set for life.

Some time back, the Savage team was honoured to be invited to BCCS’ “Welcome 2020” car meet, held at Singapore’s only internationally certified karting circuit, KF1.

The backdrop was perfect against the sea of BMWs, with that warm orange glow of the sunset diffused by the cirrocumulus clouds lighting up cars of the BCCS members. We saw big ones, small ones, cabriolets, coupes, sedans, loud ones, soft ones, show cars, “race” cars, and even one that looked like it came straight out from Tron!

All in all, it was a good gathering session for like-minded car individuals to make new connections. Enjoy the shots we captured!


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