Episode 26: La Bella Macchina


Not many things in this world says “biggest boss”. A C-Suite title at work, a 20-killstreak in COD; now add a purple Lamborghini to the list.

So what can we do with one lilac hued Italian bull that comes as menacing as The Godfather? Make it a money heist, a loud one at that some more, because who really cares when you’ve got the looks to kill and the speed to get away with it?

Our purple Lamborghini here is not just any Lamborghini out there. This Aventador LP is refined by the exquisite Novitec Torado, the who’s who of the supercar world. A car this fast needs aerodynamic efficiency, and this is apparent here with the carbon fibre parts seen on the ride itself — they’re both form and function, as per the designers at Novitec, reducing negative lift and improving stability whilst one’s on a high speed chase.

How does one make sure that a heist is both exhilarating and comfortable? The answer lies in the interior. A Lamborghini’s cockpit is equal parts fighter jet, equal parts cloud nine, leaving one with nothing more to desire. The instrument cluster feels like it’s Blade Runner futuristic, but the seat hugs you so well you won’t be surprised if you fall asleep in it.

Greed — That’s how we made the run for the money, and money we got.

“Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun…”



Categories EDM, Episode, SAVAGE NO REFRAIN

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